HR Conference 2015: Organisational Development

Past HR Network Event

1 October 2015

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Our conference in 2015 focused on the intricacies of organisational change.

With markets having only slowly recovered from the recession, and the public sector still firmly in austerity, conditions remained tough for many organisations. The conference will heard from a range of speakers on how HR can build adaptability to change.

We were delighted to welcome Linda Holbeche and Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge as our keynote speakers who talked about their book: Organization Development: A Practitioner's Guide for OD and HR.

We also heard from organisational case studies with detailed examples of leveraging change in organisations and the issues of doing so. These included a presentation from one organisation on how they had gone about achieving significant female representation at board level, and from another organisation the experience of using an appreciative approach to bring about change.

We also had two workshops on offer:

  • Using coaching to bring about significant change which provides a model and the methods and tools needed to leverage coaching for change.
  • Capturing and using the energy for change including methods of measuring  and strategies for building productive energy in change.

PACE Culture Change: A practictioner's view of specific change initiatives
Kirsty Knight and James Sutherland