Knowledge Knibbles: Behaviours of engaging managers

The aim of this session is to understand the behaviours that engage and motivate people to perform well, and to reflect on your own management approach.

All of IES's work on employee engagement to date has pointed to the importance of the relationship between the employee and the line manager in building and maintaining engagement. This led to our latest research, which identified how engaging managers behave.

Engaging managers have a lot of characteristics in common, but personality is not one of them. Their behaviour towards their teams, however, is very consistent. The interest they took in people as individuals, and in developing and nurturing their teams, did not prevent them from tackling difficult issues like breaking bad news and managing poor performance. Something else they shared was a focus on performance and an expectation that their teams would deliver to a high standard.

Course content

  • Understand the behaviours that engage and disengage
  • Discuss the personal experiences of feeling engaged/disengaged
  • An honest self appraisal, using IES's behavioural assessment tool: behavioural strengths and areas for improvement, and manager type
  • Reflection in small groups on your behaviour through others' eyes
  • Next steps: behaviour pledges


  • 90-minute session
  • up to 20 participants
  • at your offices

Price per session

Non-members of the IES HR Network £820 + expenses (excl. VAT)
Members of the
IES HR Network
Three Knowledge Knibbles are included in the HR Team module, or sessions can be bought at a 20% discount.

Your facilitators

 Dilys Robinson
Dilys Robinson
Principal Associate

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