Knowledge Knibbles: Introduction to workforce planning

Workforce planning is once more a hot topic, as organisations grapple with skills shortages and compete for really good people. The uncertainties caused by the credit crunch make it even more important for businesses to attract, and hang onto, the people who are key to success.

Workforce planning can seem scary to HR professionals, who often steer clear of numbers and analysis, preferring to focus on interpersonal skills and relationship building. IES’s straightforward introduction to workforce planning will help to demystify this technique and show HR people how to contribute to practical discussion with managers about their workforce demand and supply issues.

This session is an opportunity to find out more about what is involved in workforce planning, when it is appropriate as a technique, and how it can help organisations make decisions such as whether to buy in expertise or grow their own. You will also have a go at drawing a workforce system diagram, and will have the opportunity to participate in discussions about whether workforce planning would be useful to you and your organisation, and in what ways.

What you will get

  • an understanding of the characteristics of organisations that take planning seriously
  • a taster of what is involved in workforce planning, and the circumstances for which it would be an appropriate activity for your organisation
  • an introduction to the workforce system diagram tool, and an appreciation of how these system diagrams can help you work with managers to diagnose, and start to solve, workforce problems.


  • 90 minutes
  • up to 20 participants
  • at your offices

Price per session

Non-members of the IES HR Network £820 + expenses (excl. VAT)
Members of the IES HR Network Three Knowledge Knibbles are included in the HR Team module, or sessions can be bought at a 20% discount.

Your facilitators

Peter Reilly
Principal Associate
Wendy Hirsh
Principal Associate
Dilys Robinson
Principal Associate

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