Knowledge Knibbles: New trends in performance management

Performance management is one of those practices everyone complains about: HR says that managers do not take it seriously enough; managers say that HR designs overly bureaucratic processes.

This Knowledge Knibble aims to allow reflection of what performance management should be trying to achieve and considering how best to meet those objectives.

One of the themes of the Knowledge Knibble will be getting focus in your performance management. IES research suggests that HR in particular overloads the process and is unrealistic in what it sensibly can achieve.

Moreover, some models expect a lot of manager capability – judge one minute, coach the next. So we will debate the nature of a development focus or, alternatively if concentrating on reward, how this might be achieved in the most effective way. So we will look at the merits or otherwise of the various forms of rating and ranking.

A particular problem with performance management is poor implementation. We will set out the vital aspects of good delivery and discuss how they might be best applied in your organisation. Thus we will examine communication, training, support, documentation, use of technology etc.

In this Knowledge Knibble you will:

  • consider the aims and objectives of performance management and how these might be achieved in your organisation
  • give thought to the focus of your performance management process, especially developmental or assessment
  • review choices in the components of appraisal processes
  • look at methods of delivering performance management effectively, including communication, training, support, documentation, use of technology


  • 90 minutes
  • up to 20 participants
  • at your offices

Price per session

Non-members of the IES HR Network £820 + expenses (excl. VAT)
Members of the IES HR Network Three Knowledge Knibbles are included in the HR Team module, or sessions can be bought at a 20% discount.

Your facilitators


Duncan Brown Professor Stephen Bevan
Duncan Brown
Head of HR Consultancy
Wendy Hirsh
Principal Associate
Professor Stephen Bevan
Head of HR Research Development

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