Knowledge Knibbles: Introduction to Positive Psychology

Research clearly shows the benefits to organisations of using ideas from Positive Psychology in terms of increased employee engagement and business performance, as well as improving individual wellbeing.

HR professionals frequently draw on lessons from the field of psychology. But psychology has been criticised as primarily dedicated to addressing ‘illness’ rather than mental ‘wellness’, so is there something new in Positive Psychology for HR to explore?

The unifying idea behind Positive Psychology is the search for what works and what is good, which is in stark contrast to the traditional ways of thinking in both psychology and business where the focus is on finding what isn’t working and trying to fix it.

This course provides an introduction to the benefits of Positive Psychology, drawing on the latest thinking. It gives a key overview for those who need to be aware of the concepts and the real-life experiences of its application. It also provides a focused lead-in for HR professionals who wish to take the ideas further and to embed them into HR processes and practices.

Course objectives

A fast-paced overview of the latest thinking and research to stimulate and challenge participants, to:

  • give an overview of the latest thinking in positive psychology
  • provide the opportunity to think how these ideas can be applied in their organisation.


  • the four key concepts and how they fit together
  • positive emotions
  • strengths-focused development
  • flow
  • positive mental states: confidence, optimism, resilience, hope
  • impact on business performance


  • 90 minutes
  • up to 20 participants
  • at your offices

Who should attend this course?

  • individuals who want to learn about the latest thinking in Positive Psychology
  • HR consultants, both internal and external, who need to be able to advise clients on leading edge developments in HR
  • HR professionals, to gain an overview of the concepts and applicability of Positive Psychology in their own organisation
  • learning and development professionals who want to experience a new approach to people and organisational development.

Price per session

Non-members of the IES HR Network £820 + expenses (excl. VAT)
Members of the IES HR Network Three Knowledge Knibbles are included in the HR Team module, or sessions can be bought at a 20% discount.

Your facilitators

Amanda Callen Sally Wilson
Amanda Callen
Senior Research Fellow
Sally Wilson
Senior Research Fellow

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